In order to promote and protect community safety, the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office must reserve incarceration for those violent offenders and repeat offenders who pose the greatest threat to our personal and financial security.  In my pursuit of community safety, I secured more resources for the prosecution of sex crimes and crimes of domestic violence.  In an effort to gather more and better evidence in serious crimes, I am working with Indiana University to develop a high tech crime unit to process digital evidence contained on electronic devices.  I plan to focus more attention on violent crime prevention, working with community leaders on violence interruption programs

            A prosecutor has an ethical duty to consider, and where appropriate, develop alternatives to incarceration that serve the goals of the criminal justice system.  Overwhelming evidence shows that risk-based treatment programs reduce recidivism (the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend) dramatically.  Having served as the prosecutor representative on the Monroe County Drug Treatment Court Program, Veteran’s Treatment Court Program, and Mental Health Court Program teams, I have studied the best practices for alternative sentencing and diversion programs.  I work closely with Centerstone, community stakeholders, and police agencies in using the Stride Crisis Diversion Center for pre-arrest diversion of cases involving low-level offenses by people suffering mental health or substance use crises.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact these programs have made on the lives of individuals suffering from addiction or mental illness.  

            While I was a student at the Maurer School of Law, I fell in love with constitutional law.  Our republic often falls short of the commitments within our founding documents of equality and fairness.  However, I am determined, as a government attorney, to fight for those principles.  I take my ethical obligation to strive to eliminate implicit biases and disparity very seriously.  To that end, I hired Indiana University’s Center for Health and Justice Research to identify any racial and ethnic disparities resulting from prosecutorial decisions in Monroe County.  The results of this study will drive policy to ensure more equitable outcomes. 

            I am a zealous advocate for justice.  I have the experience necessary to ensure community safety while protecting the rights of all citizens.  I hope to have your vote in the Democratic primary on May 3rd.  I humbly ask Monroe County voters to return me to office this year.

            I am excited to announce that I am seeking a second term as Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney in 2022.  I am an experienced prosecutor, with over twelve years of service in Monroe County, committed to community safety, compassionate justice, and constitutional values.

            When I moved to Bloomington, over 22 years ago, I immediately felt at home.  I’d finally come to a community with rich cultural diversity, world-class entertainment, excellent hiking, and small-town charm.  Seven years ago, after renting in Bloomington for years, I purchased my first home in a peaceful neighborhood west of Bloomington.  I enjoy living in a safe community, where my neighbors and I can thrive.  I am committed to protecting our safety.

​​Campaign Committee:

Sheila and Joel Hearth

William Hosea

Cindy Houston

Jeff Kehr

Walt  Keller

Amelia and Seth Lahn

Chris Pierce


Lorraine Merriman Farrell

Beth Hamlin

Treasurer: Joshua Radicke

Carol Seaman

Nico Sigler

Jim Sims

Lori Tussey

Shelli Yoder


*Endorsed by Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indianaand Monroe County Young Dems.*

Tomi and Jim Allison

Angela and Herb Caldwell

Rebecca Corey

Kyla Cox Deckard

Lauren Dexter-Burns

Kathleen Field

Kaisa Goodman