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            Erika Oliphant is an experienced prosecutor committed to community safety, compassionate justice, and constitutional values.

            Oliphant is a trustworthy and levelheaded public servant; ensuring the safety of Monroe County residents is of utmost importance in her work.  When Oliphant moved to Monroe County in 1999, it immediately felt like home.  Ever since, Oliphant has worked tirelessly to protect and improve her adopted hometown.  She continues to engage in community efforts that address reducing the causes and effects of criminal activity, for the benefit of our citizens.

            As a prosecutor, Oliphant acts with integrity and balanced judgment to pursue appropriate application of the law.  In the disposition of cases, she is guided by evidence-based practices that provide the best means to reduce repeat offenders.  Incarceration is reserved for violent crimes that pose the most immediate threat to community safety.  Alternatives to prosecution and conviction are considered and applied on an individual basis, particularly when addiction or mental illness has contributed to the illegal activity.  Oliphant feels it is her prosecutorial duty to seek justice, not merely to convict.

            Oliphant believes deeply in the state and federal constitutional protections provided for both victims and defendants of crime.  Victims are entitled to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process.  In the courtroom, Oliphant adheres to the constitutional and legal rights of all people.

             Additionally, our constitutions protect us from unreasonable intrusion from government, and Oliphant is an authority in the Prosecutor’s Office on constitutional criminal procedure.  She educates and assists law enforcement on current constitutional requirements throughout the investigative and litigation processes.

            Monroe County deserves a prosecutor who is a zealous advocate for justice, who has the experience necessary to protect and defend community safety while ensuring the rights of all citizens. If you believe in these principles, Oliphant is your prosecutor. Oliphant is the right choice for Monroe County Prosecutor. Thank You.

*Endorsed by Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indianaand Monroe County Young Dems.*

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